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November 29, 2016 Presentations

Communicating Institutional Information (no handouts)

Heather Swain, Vice President for Communications & Brand Strategy

Financial Resource Management (pdf)

Glen Klein, Director, Treasury and Financial Management
Lane Adams, Manager, Treasury Services
Becca Fedewa, Management Analyst

Investment Office (pdf)

Philip Zecher, Chief Investment Officer

Financial & Tax Policies/Processes (pdf)

Lee Hunter, Chief Accountant, Controller's Office
Beth Powers, Management Analyst, Financial & Cost Analyst, Controller's Office

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) (pdf)

Ellen Armentrout, Assistant General Counsel and FOIA Officer, Office of the General Counsel

MSU Information Technology (no handouts)

Rob McCurdy, Interim Chief Information Officer

Financial Analysis (pdf)

R. Sam Larson, Assistant Dean, Operations and Finance, College of Education
Robert Patterson, Chief Financial Officer, RHS