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Fiscal Officer & Delegate Expectations

This session will inform participants about the expectations the Controller’s Office has of individuals who are fiscal officers and fiscal officer delegates. The session will include:

1.    Discussion about the Manual of Business Procedures, and the thorough knowledge of policy required in order to work effectively with financial transactions.

2.    Keeping track of commitments, and communicating the status of available funding to administrators.

3.    Presentation and discussion about delegation of duties and approvals, and the training of staff selected as delegates.  We will also cover the common questions we receive about granting access, unexpected consequences about hierarchy in delegation, and business continuity.

4.    Discussion about networking with campus peers and Accounting staff.  Participants should come prepared to discuss what networking avenues work for them, and what might help the campus community.

Training Dates:

Spring 2018

  • March 29, 8:30am-11:00am

To register, log in to the EBS Portal, click on the "My Career and Training" tab (top of window), and then click on the "Courses for Employees at MSU" tile.  Next, enter "Fiscal" in the search box on the left side of the screen, and click "Go".  Select "Fiscal Officer & Delegate Expectations" and register for one of the sessions. Classes are held in the Nisbet building, Room 10.